Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Assessment Reflection

We have recently just finished our first assessment, and I think I did okay.  The assessment was on the topic of homeostasis, and how homeostasis helps to regulate the blood glucose levels within our body.

I think this assessment was pretty difficult.  There was a lot of researching to be done, and then that research had to be put into our own words - something that is hard to do, especially when the words are big and science-y.  The hardest part was probably trying not to plagiarize, and to put the big, science-y words into my own words.  The easiest part was doing the research.

Compared to Year 12, I would say that Year 13 Bio is a tad bit easier.  I think this is because we already have prior knowledge from last year, and that's helpful because many of the assessments and stuff that we're learning about, we already learnt last year.

Some tips for next years Year 13 Bio class are, listen to Miss Wells.  Also, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.  Procrastination will almost always lead to failure.


  1. Great reflection Sela and excellent advice! !!!

  2. Great reflection Sela and excellent advice! !!!